community connects

Wondering what a ‘community connect’ looks like?
Here is a list of our current communities.

  • Social Netball

    We currently have two teams fielded in a local social competition. Playing on both a Monday & Tuesday night.

  • Motorcycle Rides

    Monthly motorbike rides with the local ‘Chariots of Light: Christian Bikers’ Toowoomba chapter. All are welcome.

  • Coffee Connect

    Coffee lovers unite! Semi-regular gatherings for coffee and conversation at local Toowoomba cafes. (Non-coffee drinkers welcome too).

  • Hiking Group

    We’re spoilt for choice with local hikes and wonderful scenery. Semi-regular gatherings for those who appreciate good conversation and good views. All experience and fitness levels are welcome.

  • Running Club

    Who wants to run alone? Semi-regular group runs including park runs and other courses. All fitness levels are welcome.