why we give.

When it comes to our giving, we emphasise one word: partnership.

We believe that our lives are lived in partnership with God - becoming part of His mission on earth. And through the local church, we become partners with one another in this work too. We all have a role to play and we believe that one of those roles is financially contributing to God’s mission being outworked through His church.

Giving Is A Discipleship Opportunity

Giving across the New Testament wasn’t commanded but instead assumed.

We believe giving cheerfully, sacrificially and consistently is part of our worship and formational in our discipleship.

Partnership Is A Picture Of The Kingdom

From the early stages of Genesis, we see a God who desires to be in partnership with His creation.

We believe our financial giving is an ongoing expression of this partnership in our lives.

We Can Achieve More Together

Not only do we see that we’re in partnership with God in His mission on earth but we have the opportunity to be in partnership with one another through the local church.

We believe that life is better together and we can achieve more if we partner with each other.


opportunities to partner.

Here you will find a summary of where our collective finances are playing a part in God’s mission.

  • Regular Giving

    Regular giving takes the form of set weekly, fortnightly or monthly amounts transferred into our main account. These funds are primarily used to support our ongoing operating expenses (staff salaries, leasing costs and ministry budgets).

    It’s our goal moving into the future to see 75%+ of regular giving funds going directly towards mission and outreach as we think more creatively and strategically about how we steward our collective finances.

  • One Off Giving

    As the name suggests, one-off giving constitutes any amount given as a once-off transfer. Generally, these funds come with no stipulation for use and are directed towards our most pressing needs.

    Once a year we also have a ‘Giving Sunday.’ We focus on a specific missional opportunity each year collectively giving a once-off amount towards that work.

    We celebrated this year (2024) with nearly $11,000 given to support the running of Alpha. These funds have gone towards covering the cost of weekly dinners and accommodation for two retreats.

    If you would like to make a once-off transfer use the description “ONE OFF.”

  • Futures Fund

    Our ‘Futures Fund’ exists to support and serve two purposes:

    + People
    + Projects

    We are committed to ongoing leadership development opportunities for our people and we want to have financial margin (funds immediately available) to start or support ministry projects as God leads so we can more effectively meet needs in our local community.

    If you would like to give specifically to support the ‘Futures Fund’ use the description “FUTURE.”

  • Serve The City Saturdays

    ‘Serve The City Saturdays’ is an outreach-focused initiative of our community.

    Quarterly we gather together as a community to serve our city. Whether it be mowing lawns, painting fences or other yard work - these are no-strings-attached acts of practical service.

    Funds here cover things like meals for our teams and those being served, equipment where necessary and other miscellaneous costs (letter box drop flyers or grocery gift cards etc.).

    If you would like to financially support the work of this initiative use the description “STCS.”

  • The Joy Initiative

    ‘The Joy Initiative’ is a community-focused event taking place annually at Christmas.

    We celebrate the greatest gift ever given at Christmas - Jesus. The reality is though, this time of year doesn’t present itself as a joyful time for everyone in our local community. We know some are doing it tough and won’t have food on their table or gifts to give.

    ’The Joy Initiative’ is in essence a toy drive to provide free gifts to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. Hosted over one day, those doing it tough can present and with no questions asked walk away with at least one gift for each of their children and a food hamper for their family.

    Funds here go towards offsetting any shortage of toys/gifts and food for the hampers.

    If you would like to support the work of ‘The Joy Initiative’ use the description “JOY.”