outreach focused.

Our community was planted with the desire to be above all else: outreach-focused.

We believe that our presence in a local community is supposed to look like more than a gathering on a Sunday. Driven by the question: would the local community even notice if we weren’t here tomorrow, we desire to increasingly become a people who are going on a Monday - Saturday, making a real difference wherever we find ourselves.

Below is a summary of some initiatives that we’re engaged in for the glory of God and the good of our community. Will you join us?

  • Collections: Base Services

    Each week at our usual Sunday gathering we take up a collection of non-perishables to support the work of ‘Base Services.’

    We believe in the power of partnership and love their work!

  • Serve The City Saturdays

    ‘Serve The City Saturdays’ is an outreach-focused initiative of our community.

    Quarterly we gather together as a community to serve our city. Whether it be mowing lawns, painting fences or other yard work - these are no-strings-attached acts of practical service. While work is getting done outside, connection is also happening inside as our team of connectors takes the time to hear people's stories and offer support or a listening ear.

    Through local community group partnerships, neighbourhood letterbox drops and school chaplain relationships, we’re able to identify those who need support.

    If you know someone who could use a hand or want to get involved, contact us below.

  • The Joy Initiative

    ‘The Joy Initiative’ is a community-focused event taking place annually at Christmas.

    We celebrate the greatest gift ever given at Christmas - Jesus. The reality is though, this time of year doesn’t present itself as a joyful time for everyone in our local community. We know some are doing it tough and won’t have food on their table or gifts to give.

    ’The Joy Initiative’ is in essence a toy drive to provide free gifts to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. Hosted over one day, those doing it tough can present and with no questions asked walk away with at least one gift for each of their children and a food hamper for their family. Free morning tea and gift wrapping is also provided.

    Through partnership with other local community groups, we’re able to identify those who most need support and have other organisations on hand to offer support where needed.

  • Community Meals

    We weren’t made to live life in isolation. With the cost of living crisis and what many psychologists and sociologists are calling “an epidemic of loneliness” we know people are doing it tough.

    Once a quarter, we host a free community meal, providing the opportunity for anyone to come and be found in community.


effective outreach

As part of our vision series for this year, Pastor Nick unpacked the heartbeat behind our vision of effective outreach.