we’re in this together.

From those right at the beginning of their journey as a family through to those in the thick of mobile toddlers, growing teens and everything else that comes with family we’re here to journey together.

We think healthy families mean a healthy church and we’re at our healthiest when we support one another. With every generation represented in the community of Outlook there is plenty of support and wisdom to go around.

  • Alpha Marriage (and pre-marriage)

    Taking the time to invest in one of the most significant relationships in our lives will always be worth it. We run Alpha Marriage twice a year and can run Alpha pre-marriage whenever needed.

  • Forming Men Course

    Coming soon... we are looking to launch an 8-week ‘Forming Men’ course on the back end of 2024.

  • Parenting Course

    We are currently looking at a handful of different parenting courses available today.

    While we haven’t landed on a course that feels like the right “fit” for us as a community yet - this is something we plan on offering in the future.

  • Church Family Camp

    Our annual ‘Church Family Camp’ is a great way to connect across the generations in our community.

    Church Family Camp for this year has already been and gone but we’ll be back in 2025!

  • Families Weekend Connect

    After a full day at work and school with the afternoon snack and dinner rush, sometimes the last thing we want to do is load everyone back in the car and head off for a night out. We know juggling entertaining the kids while trying to hold a conversation is real: parents - we see you!

    This is why we have a specific families connect on a Saturday morning. Everyone in the connect is in the same stage of life and just gets it and the “kids program” means there is plenty of time to connect, knowing your kids are being looked after.

  • Church Family Picnic

    Running once a quarter, we gather at Queens Park after our Sunday morning gathering. Again, this is a great time of simple community and connection with all generations in the Outlook community represented.

  • Men & Women’s Gatherings

    These gatherings have all stages of life represented across the genders. Simple but great opportunities to gather for a meal, coffee or around a fire.

  • Man Camp

    Introducing ‘Man Camp!’ Launching in early 2025, this is an opportunity for the men of our community (teenagers +) to gather for a weekend.

    More info to come.