These are the friendly faces standing at the door each week. Everyone is on the welcome team at Outlook so this team are particularly available to connect with anyone coming along for the first-time.


This team guides us and leads us in worship each week. Whether you're an expert in your technique or just a beginner, we would love to have you on our team!


The unsung heroes of any church community, working behind the scenes to make so much of our Sunday gatherings happen. From lyrics appearing on screens to controlling slides during the message and mixing the audio for worship - we need our production team.


Our coffee team are responsible not just for providing barista-made coffee each week but for providing the opportunity to build community by connecting with a coffee in hand.


Our Setup Team ensures that everything is ready to go on Sunday morning. Setting up signage, kid's games and more - our gathering wouldn’t look the same without this team!


Our Photography Team capture glimpses of our gathering and community. They are foundational to providing content for our website, social media and printed publications through the art of photography! It’s non-negotiable for us that our social media presence has the real faces of people in our community - this is only possible because of our photography team.